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Why a Havanese Dog Breed is Kid-Friendly

Just as Rottweilers are generally used as guard dogs, and Golden Retrievers are largely used as hunters and gundogs, there are certain breeds that are best suited for kids. With the variety of different dog breeds, and their hybrids, there are about thousands to choose from, and one of the more appropriate breed of dogs for kids is the Bichon Havanese. So why is this one of the best dogs for kids? To start, its size – it is small and sturdy, and more importantly, quite friendly looking, with its long abundant coat and stout legs. The Havanese is a very smart dog and it grasps concepts quickly so it is easy to train, which is a problem many dog owners encounter. If the child is able to teach the dog tricks when it is young then the habits will resonate and they will grow smarter and the relationship with its owner will get stronger as both the children and the dog age.

The best dogs for kids are usually smaller dogs like the Havanese. Since children are small themselves, and always have to look up to people, physically and mentally, it is good to have a companion that you can sit next to and be close to in size. The Bichon Havanese dogs have been known to adapt easily to their surroundings and because of their fervent desire for social interaction they are easily lovable and are loving. They are considered a “toy dog,” meaning they are specifically bred to be house pets.  However, this quality also means that they form strong attachments and when they are left alone in the house or haven’t left the apartment in a long time they can get testy and quite irritable.

havanese dog

They are known for their “springy gait” and their inquisitive and spirited nature making them just like children themselves, which is the main reason why they can be considered as one of the best dogs for kids, if not the best. They are very versatile and are fine living in any kind of environment as long as they are shown a decent amount of attention and love by their owners. Finally, a very important thing about them is that because of the attention they require, their long fur and their general disposition, they require a good amount of care, so this can be an opportunity to teach kids about responsibility.


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