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Golden Retrievers: Could Be The Best Dog Breed For Young Kids

The golden retriever is considered one of the best dogs for kids. This makes it one of the top five most popular dogs over the past 20 years. There are facts to take into account about the golden retriever before buying one. There are four million dogs euthanized in North America every year. When someone adopts a dog they are taking the life of that dog into their hands and the decision should not be taken lightly. Having the right knowledge will stop this from happening.

golden retriever puppiesGolden retrievers are often thought of as one of the best dogs for kids because of their sweet personalities and pleasant mannerisms. They are considered a happy dog when serving and pleasing their humans. In this they become part of the family. They were originally a hunting dog, so being outside all day is not a problem. With training they will run, swim, fetch and play frisbee when asked. Golden retrievers are also smart. They are easy to train and like to learn new things. Simple tricks like learning to sit, shake, play dead and others are right up their alley. This willingness to learn is what makes them excellent service dogs.  A golden retriever is not typically a dog that thrives when locked in a cage or left alone in an empty yard.

While golden retrievers are probably the best dog for kids, there are some negatives which must be explored. Some of these are not necessarily things that need to be avoided but just need to be kept in mind. Golden retrievers are not security dogs. They let anyone in the house whether the owner wants them in or not. A golden retriever also needs a minimum of one hour of exercise per day. If they do not have a proper outlet they will act out on furniture and your other possessions in the house. Also, due to their high intelligence, they get bored easily. Having toddlers and older kids around them will keep them from getting bored.


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