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Collies and Children: Life-long Companions

When someone says name a famous Collie, Lassie is most likely the first one that comes to mind.  The perfect dog, Lassie was loving, loyal, brave, and even a hero in some cases.  She was the companion of children and stood beside them in all their adventures no matter what they got into.  While the story of Lassie is a bit exaggerated, it was not too far from the truth.  Collies are great family dogs and carry with them all the personality traits that a family looks for in a dog that will be around their children.

In terms of their character, Collies are the perfect fit for a family looking for a family dog.  They are friendly with strangers and tend to be loving and sensitive dogs.  Collies enjoy being around people so be prepared to be loved every second of every day by them! They are also very easy to train and house-break making it a perfect opportunity for children to work alongside parents to learn how to train their new companion.  Being of a medium size in both height and weight, parents will not have to worry about their Collie accidentally knocking over children while they play.  They also have a relatively long life span with an average of 12 years.  However, some Collies have lived to be almost 16 meaning that they will more than likely be around to love and care for all family members for a long time.Border Collie

Collies have long been known to be fantastic around children.  Whether it is small children or teenagers, Collies are able to get along with any age child.  They also don’t need to be raised with children of a similar age like some dogs; Collies can be introduced with children of any age and not be aggressive toward them.  As a herding dog, they have a natural tendency to herd children underneath them and protect them.  Collies have amazing temperaments meaning they can put up with a lot of the unintentional abuse children will put on them.  They love playing fetch or pull with toys and they are willing to share their toys making it easier to play with children. They also take pleasure in being outside, as long as there are playmates with them, and tend to be active dogs.  This breed is not known for any biting or attacking, but instead tends to be more of a barking dog which can help parents be at ease knowing they won’t snap at children very easily.

Without a doubt, Collies are one of the best dogs for a family to have.  Caring and gentle, they make perfect protectors of children of all ages.  If you are looking for a dog you can feel comfortable being around your children, Collies should be at the top of your list.


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