bulldogs are a great dog for kids

Bulldogs: Ready To Protect, Ready To Love

When most parents think of a good dog to be around their children, a Bulldog is far down on the list.  However, as the 6th most popular breed of dog in America, the Bulldog is actually suited quite well to be around children.  Given a bad rap for those of their kind that are not trained properly, Bulldogs can be very docile, loving pets that are great protectors of children and family alike.  There are a few different types of Bulldogs, but all share some common characteristics which make them great companions for children. 

First, they are very faithful to their owners when brought up as puppies.  Bulldogs are good protectors of the people they consider to be their loved ones which make them a great dog to watch over children.   They are also very sensitive and willing to listen to owners who are patient with their training and commands.  It is a good idea to get a Bulldog when children are younger so they can grow up together and the Bulldog learns the child is a friend not their competition in the house.

The mistake that occurs with Bulldogs is that they are not properly trained which makes them seem overly aggressive.  With good training, a Bulldog is just like any other dog and will listen to commands when given them.  In fact, is actually takes quite a lot of teasing and prodding to make a Bulldog annoyed.  Children are known for jumping on and playing with dog, so a cautious eye toward the beginning is a good idea, but once the dog gets use to the children being around them they will know the child means them no harm.  Bulldogs are built especially well to take the playful abuse of a child.

bulldog playing

While good guard dogs, Bulldogs are not loud or obnoxious barkers.  You won’t be woken up at 3AM because they saw a cat run across the yard.   Parents can feel safe knowing that their Bulldog won’t wake up their children every night with their barking.  Bulldog are also moderately size so they won’t knock children over that easily.  They are low to the ground and generally medium sized if kept healthy making them a great playmate for smaller children without being overpowering.

In terms of a Bulldog’s energy level, when they are puppies they tend to have a lot of energy.  This would make them able to keep up with young energetic children.  As they grow up and get a few years older, they usually mellow out and lose some of their energy.  Older Bulldogs are content with lying on the couch and being a little lazy.  Bulldog’s level of energy follows that of a child, high when they are young and lower when they get older, making them the perfect play mate.

Although the go-to dogs for children are usually Labrador or Golden retrievers, a Bulldog is just as good of a pet for a child.  Smart, protective, and loyal, parents can feel secure knowing their Bulldog is protecting their children when they are not watching.


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