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Collies and Children: Life-long Companions

When someone says name a famous Collie, Lassie is most likely the first one that comes to mind.  The perfect dog, Lassie was loving, loyal, brave, and even a hero in some cases.  She was the companion of children and stood beside them in all their adventures no matter what they got into.  While the story of Lassie is a bit exaggerated, it was not too far from the truth.  Collies are great family dogs and carry with them all the personality traits that a family looks for in a dog that will be around their children.

In terms of their character, Collies are the perfect fit for a family looking for a family dog.  They are friendly with strangers and tend to be loving and sensitive dogs.  Collies enjoy being around people so be prepared to be loved every second of every day by them! They are also very easy to train and house-break making it a perfect opportunity for children to work alongside parents to learn how to train their new companion.  Being of a medium size in both height and weight, parents will not have to worry about their Collie accidentally knocking over children while they play.  They also have a relatively long life span with an average of 12 years.  However, some Collies have lived to be almost 16 meaning that they will more than likely be around to love and care for all family members for a long time.Border Collie

Collies have long been known to be fantastic around children.  Whether it is small children or teenagers, Collies are able to get along with any age child.  They also don’t need to be raised with children of a similar age like some dogs; Collies can be introduced with children of any age and not be aggressive toward them.  As a herding dog, they have a natural tendency to herd children underneath them and protect them.  Collies have amazing temperaments meaning they can put up with a lot of the unintentional abuse children will put on them.  They love playing fetch or pull with toys and they are willing to share their toys making it easier to play with children. They also take pleasure in being outside, as long as there are playmates with them, and tend to be active dogs.  This breed is not known for any biting or attacking, but instead tends to be more of a barking dog which can help parents be at ease knowing they won’t snap at children very easily.

Without a doubt, Collies are one of the best dogs for a family to have.  Caring and gentle, they make perfect protectors of children of all ages.  If you are looking for a dog you can feel comfortable being around your children, Collies should be at the top of your list.


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Bulldogs: Ready To Protect, Ready To Love

When most parents think of a good dog to be around their children, a Bulldog is far down on the list.  However, as the 6th most popular breed of dog in America, the Bulldog is actually suited quite well to be around children.  Given a bad rap for those of their kind that are not trained properly, Bulldogs can be very docile, loving pets that are great protectors of children and family alike.  There are a few different types of Bulldogs, but all share some common characteristics which make them great companions for children. 

First, they are very faithful to their owners when brought up as puppies.  Bulldogs are good protectors of the people they consider to be their loved ones which make them a great dog to watch over children.   They are also very sensitive and willing to listen to owners who are patient with their training and commands.  It is a good idea to get a Bulldog when children are younger so they can grow up together and the Bulldog learns the child is a friend not their competition in the house.

The mistake that occurs with Bulldogs is that they are not properly trained which makes them seem overly aggressive.  With good training, a Bulldog is just like any other dog and will listen to commands when given them.  In fact, is actually takes quite a lot of teasing and prodding to make a Bulldog annoyed.  Children are known for jumping on and playing with dog, so a cautious eye toward the beginning is a good idea, but once the dog gets use to the children being around them they will know the child means them no harm.  Bulldogs are built especially well to take the playful abuse of a child.

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While good guard dogs, Bulldogs are not loud or obnoxious barkers.  You won’t be woken up at 3AM because they saw a cat run across the yard.   Parents can feel safe knowing that their Bulldog won’t wake up their children every night with their barking.  Bulldog are also moderately size so they won’t knock children over that easily.  They are low to the ground and generally medium sized if kept healthy making them a great playmate for smaller children without being overpowering.

In terms of a Bulldog’s energy level, when they are puppies they tend to have a lot of energy.  This would make them able to keep up with young energetic children.  As they grow up and get a few years older, they usually mellow out and lose some of their energy.  Older Bulldogs are content with lying on the couch and being a little lazy.  Bulldog’s level of energy follows that of a child, high when they are young and lower when they get older, making them the perfect play mate.

Although the go-to dogs for children are usually Labrador or Golden retrievers, a Bulldog is just as good of a pet for a child.  Smart, protective, and loyal, parents can feel secure knowing their Bulldog is protecting their children when they are not watching.


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Labrador Retrievers And Your Kids

Most children growing up beg their parents to buy them a puppy.  They are so cute and cuddly when they are a few months old, but what kids do not understand is how much work they are.  Taking care of small children and an even smaller puppy can be extremely difficult.  If you are on the fence about getting a puppy when you have smaller kids in the house, you should have full confidence in bringing a Labrador Retriever home.  These dogs have remarkable instincts when it comes to children and they are known for their laid back good nature. With kids, they are able to get the exercise they need when running around – this is also a plus for mommy and daddy because it ultimately wears the little ones out too!

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Labrador Retrievers tend to stay young at heart for quite a few years.  This is just another reason why they are great to have with children.  If you get a Lab puppy when your kids are a younger age, they will be able to grow up with each other and develop a great companionship.  These dogs are gentle tempered so even with energetic children around they will allow kids to be a little rough and climb all over them, without reacting in a bad way.  They are very tolerant and patient animals.  Labrador Retrievers come in three different colors; yellow, black and chocolate (brown).  There is no difference in temperament or attitude when it comes to the color of a Lab.  A Lab is a lab regardless of what their coat color is.

The best part about having a Labrador Retriever and children is the fact that these dogs are very low aggression dogs.  They have motherly instincts that kick in when children are crying or hurt in some way.  A Lab will sense these things and be there for comfort.  They are protective and will make sure to look after any little ones you may have running around inside or outside.  There is not a lot of training or maintenance required when it comes to Labrador Retrievers.  They also do not carry a lot of diseases so your children will never be at risk of getting sick from a Lab puppy that you bring into your home.  This breed is definitely one of best for your small children.


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Golden Retrievers: Could Be The Best Dog Breed For Young Kids

The golden retriever is considered one of the best dogs for kids. This makes it one of the top five most popular dogs over the past 20 years. There are facts to take into account about the golden retriever before buying one. There are four million dogs euthanized in North America every year. When someone adopts a dog they are taking the life of that dog into their hands and the decision should not be taken lightly. Having the right knowledge will stop this from happening.

golden retriever puppiesGolden retrievers are often thought of as one of the best dogs for kids because of their sweet personalities and pleasant mannerisms. They are considered a happy dog when serving and pleasing their humans. In this they become part of the family. They were originally a hunting dog, so being outside all day is not a problem. With training they will run, swim, fetch and play frisbee when asked. Golden retrievers are also smart. They are easy to train and like to learn new things. Simple tricks like learning to sit, shake, play dead and others are right up their alley. This willingness to learn is what makes them excellent service dogs.  A golden retriever is not typically a dog that thrives when locked in a cage or left alone in an empty yard.

While golden retrievers are probably the best dog for kids, there are some negatives which must be explored. Some of these are not necessarily things that need to be avoided but just need to be kept in mind. Golden retrievers are not security dogs. They let anyone in the house whether the owner wants them in or not. A golden retriever also needs a minimum of one hour of exercise per day. If they do not have a proper outlet they will act out on furniture and your other possessions in the house. Also, due to their high intelligence, they get bored easily. Having toddlers and older kids around them will keep them from getting bored.


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