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French Bulldogs – One of the Best Dogs for Kids

Helping to choose a family pet can be one of the happiest and most fun moments in a young child’s life.  However, as a responsible parent, you’re likely aware of some of the issues that can crop up if you have animals in your household along with your small children.  This means that you should put in a little research before heading down to the breeder or pet store, and select a pet that will fit in well to your household based on the behavioral characteristics of their breed.  For example, French Bulldogs are an example of a breed that is one of the best dogs for kids for a few reasons:

  • Size – Generally, the smaller/younger your children are, the more you want a relatively small breed, such as a French Bulldog.  However, you have to ensure that you take extra time with your children to educate them about the limitations of dogs, particularly small ones.  Teach them to treat the dog with gentleness and kindness, and the dog will respond in kind.
  • Temperament – Along with size, another important consideration when selecting one of the best dogs for kids is the temperament of the breed in general.  Again, French Bulldogs score quite highly in the personality traits one would want for an animal that will frequently be around small children.   French Bulldogs tend to be relatively mild-mannered, well behaved dogs that are very loving and tender, making them a great choice for a family pet.
  • Energy Level – The energy level of a breed should also be paid attention to when selecting which make the best dogs for kids.  French Bulldogs are particularly good in this regard as they have enough energy to play with and roll around with your children, and yet are perfectly content to be adorable little couch potatoes when the time calls for snuggling as well.

French Bulldog

As you can see, French Bulldogs fit many of the qualities desired when considering which breeds make the best dogs for kids.  However, they do have a couple minor drawbacks as well; thankfully, they are usually quite easy to deal with.  They tend to be extremely top-heavy for example, so care must be taken, particularly by small children, when trying to pick them up.  And they don’t do so well in hot climates either.  Compared to the advantages they bring to the table though, these are not particularly impactful when it comes to making a selection.  So if you’re in the market for a family dog, definitely spend some time checking out French Bulldogs.


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Miniature Schnauzers: A Great Family Dog

Miniature Schnauzers are an alert and spirited breed of dog. When properly trained they are obedient to command, which makes them one of the best dogs for kids. They are sociable and smart. They are always ready to please their masters and likely never aggressive or too shy. The miniature schnauzer is a loyal dog, sweet to their chosen humans and loving. Typically they will pick a favorite person in the family, though they will love the whole family. They are good as guard dogs as they are alert and will bark if someone comes to the door. They can be trained to be quiet if their owner tells them to stop.

miniature schnauzer best dog for kids

Miniature schnauzers are robust dogs. They are often called a “big dog in a small package”. This makes them durable when around younger children who have not been taught how to treat a dog properly. Every dog has their own individual personality, but in general they are of mild temperament. This (or any breed) should not be left alone with younger children, but the miniature schnauzer is the best dog for kids of ages 10 and up as they will enjoy running and outdoor activities. These dogs were bred to react to quick actions and high pitched noises (they are a rat dog after all), so there may be some questionable movements around younger children.

Older miniature schnauzers or dogs who have not been socialized well might not be the best choice. Those who have been treated well in previous instances or those who are young enough to be socialized will fair better. While these are one of the best dogs for kids, care should be taken around other animals in the house. This is especially true for rodent or bird pets. Miniature schnauzers who have been raised around cats will not likely chase them around aggressively, but the hunting ancestry is in all dogs, so some chasing is to be expected. This is good when you want to tire your toddler out before bed time! Send the schnauzer after him or her to play the energy right out of both.


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Why a Havanese Dog Breed is Kid-Friendly

Just as Rottweilers are generally used as guard dogs, and Golden Retrievers are largely used as hunters and gundogs, there are certain breeds that are best suited for kids. With the variety of different dog breeds, and their hybrids, there are about thousands to choose from, and one of the more appropriate breed of dogs for kids is the Bichon Havanese. So why is this one of the best dogs for kids? To start, its size – it is small and sturdy, and more importantly, quite friendly looking, with its long abundant coat and stout legs. The Havanese is a very smart dog and it grasps concepts quickly so it is easy to train, which is a problem many dog owners encounter. If the child is able to teach the dog tricks when it is young then the habits will resonate and they will grow smarter and the relationship with its owner will get stronger as both the children and the dog age.

The best dogs for kids are usually smaller dogs like the Havanese. Since children are small themselves, and always have to look up to people, physically and mentally, it is good to have a companion that you can sit next to and be close to in size. The Bichon Havanese dogs have been known to adapt easily to their surroundings and because of their fervent desire for social interaction they are easily lovable and are loving. They are considered a “toy dog,” meaning they are specifically bred to be house pets.  However, this quality also means that they form strong attachments and when they are left alone in the house or haven’t left the apartment in a long time they can get testy and quite irritable.

havanese dog

They are known for their “springy gait” and their inquisitive and spirited nature making them just like children themselves, which is the main reason why they can be considered as one of the best dogs for kids, if not the best. They are very versatile and are fine living in any kind of environment as long as they are shown a decent amount of attention and love by their owners. Finally, a very important thing about them is that because of the attention they require, their long fur and their general disposition, they require a good amount of care, so this can be an opportunity to teach kids about responsibility.


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